Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Positive Outlook (CNN)

How will I write about a Positive Outlook, I was watching CNN 360 a episode about centerians, people who are 100 years or older. There exists some places in the world where most of the centerians exist. One is where a friend girl of mine is from, Okinowa Japan. I liked the story, of the guy in the wetsuit who dives under water to plant nets, fishing. Does that everyday, who knows she might know the guy maybe :) Her family was in town this last weekend, but I missed them. Didn't know they where comming, doesn't have my phone number either, just got back to Alaska the end of the summer. Anyway, the guy is 90 years old, and he does that for work every day, that is one happy dude, and probably couldn't have tried to guess he was 90 years old. Some doctors told him he should quit, I can't beleive they asked some doctors, he's family say he'd lose his (Some Japanesse Term, that means, Reason for living) (might look that up later. They asked him why, he said because its fun.

To quote the video commentary, America's do this backwards, we repect younger people (teens) and throw away the older people. Basicly, work alot everyday and eat alot of fish, do what you like. Also has an 100+ Italian guy, getting up in the morning to milk his cows, general farmish upkeep, finished the day with a glass of cheese bread contining omega-3 fatty acids, and a glass of wine.
They asked him how he does it, If you don't drink, don't smoke, don't if you see a beautful girl go try and get her, who wants to live?

I won't try to transcribe the entire show!, but its important to stay positive at all costs, do what you want.

I am really starting to get over alot of negitive stuff lately, just relized how negitive I was actually getting. Wake up :) oh well, thanks CNN that was neat!


Saturday, September 03, 2005


My blog doesn't have anything about the Hurricane, for awhile I haven't been posting, because everybody's got something about the Hurricane, and I DON'T WATCH THE NEWS ON TV!

Anyway, I've heard alot of stories good and bad, but I'm not gonna talk about what I can't see, so I'll reach and find something else to talk about. Life FVWM, I got my script kickin! I like the coloring a lot, its darkish, blacks and blues but the contrast is just enough not to have to strain to figure out the difference between widgets :o)

I wrote up my little wifi signal strength monitor app, its cheesally coded but looks good, and updates ever second, which was changed from ever 1/2 second, with the thinking that it would be less cpu usage. Probably is, and its probably half of 0.000000000003 % of the cpu, maybe more zero's then that.

Babling: I wrote in a battery monitor into the same app, it would monitor both, battery and wifi precentage, but I found the program 'xapm' and at the time that looked better then my ASCII-colored xterm texted app *maybe* :p

Babling: I'm now compiling the LFS thats going on this machine. Using the 6.1 book of LFS. The CFLAGS if interested are (since this laptop is a Celery 300 mhz intel processor) as follows:

CFLAGS="-march=pentium2 -mcpu=pentium2 -Os -pipe -fomit-frame-pointer"

Its said they are safe flags, I've used -O3 on all the packages on a few other LFS's I've done, those are safe flags, but takes a bit longer to compile everything.

## EOF ##

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Just FVWM rc *finished*

Basicly its 1:30 am on Thursday. I am calling my FVWM RC desktop offically finished! Done! Success!

When tho, are they ever finished? Anyway, I think I spent about 2 weeks of work on this baby, I like it, I did use a GTK theme that I got off freshmeat themes, Leech. Its okay, its simple, its black and white and blue, it has a couple of fix-ups that need to be handled, and its a all around sexxy looking gtk theme :) So it compliments my waay sexxy, best there ever was, new, fvwm rc :)

Click on the image to view full-size.
rabbitears desktop

rabbitears desktop

Here is the fvwm2rc

Have fun!

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Thoughts About a GUI

Some things I wrote down about my next GUI, I'm running GNOME currently, but what to switch over as much as possible to FVWM, without losing any funcationallity that is currently here, keeping Gnome apps, like Nutilus, and Epiphany, and some others but not the panel, or panel apps. Gnome has alot of nicities that make it use to build your custom desktop via the mouse. So basically this is a prototype of what the FVWM GUI will be.

The reason I'm going to re-write it in FVWM is for a few reasons. Number one is speed, a little bit faster and uses less memory. Two, I have alittle more control over FVWM, and can do stuff like mod the dictionary look up applet to also allow me enter web links, and local hdd searches. If I can get Beagle to work then that will be my local search engine, but if not I'll have to go with Nameza. Three, once the config is written, its eched in stone, funny magical changes won't take place on your desktop.

I've written quite a few FVWM scripts, approximately 8-9 big ones and more small ones and updates to ones I've done before. But this time I want to get everything right so I'll be doing more planning, and thinking about how things should go together, and look. Smooth, soft edged pixmaps, so that it looks more professional. And possiblity try to work with an existing gtk2 theme, so I'll already have material and colors to boot.

Had this discussion about full screen only windows, all maximized and varible size movable windows, thinking that its a good idea to just have only full screen windows, not variable or resizable. Only thing is, even now when I'm writting this, and using the dictionary to look up some words for spell checking, I have the dictionary in the upper right corner so I can see it, just under the journal client in the lower left, I can see the word I looked up, and type at the same time. I don't think I can ignore that usefulness.

Random probably unconnected thoughts, trying to be about GUI's below, I didn't even read them, but already cut and pasted them, and don't feel like taking them out again.

- I'm thinking I might want a continuous
note for the day. I'm not sure on
that one.

- It works okay, the auto indent on gvim
is good for making points :)

- I like the fact that I can write here,
and watch the compile get done with
its stuff.

- I think that -fullscreen- is not the
way to go. Basically I'm thinking
that I should copy the way Gnome does
its Panel's. One on the top with
options and menus, and status, and the
dictionary/link/search form-button.

- We'll have to make a way for fvwm to
have a good Maximize of windows, one
that doesn't take up extra space, but
still has enough to make you feel like
you have control over the window.

- One thing I noticed on the other
machine is that I don't like to use
the web broswer on it anymore, pretty
much because I can't resize the window
if I want. It has no top bar to do
anything. I don't really have it in
memory of how to resize it, so I end
up not resizing it, and then because
sometimes I want to resize it, I stop
using it, and not like to use it when
I have to find something.

There ya go, until next time kids!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Drivel 2.0.2 for GNOME

I'm trying out this here journal entery with Drivel for Gnome. I have no idea how it'll work, but if you can read this, it most likely does something. Anyway, I am not gonna write much, just spent all of the day installing Debian and all kinda neat software to this lappy, thats now a linux lappy. Its 3:29 AM Wednesday August 17, 2005, I know because there's a big fat clock on the top of the screen. L8r!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

I just relized I can't stand irc channels and I hate it when they got off the topic without me being in the conversation or even trying to talk about something else, assholes! People get clickish in irc too much, doesn't really matter what the room is, I suppose unless its one of those Yahoo sex chat, pick up lil boy chat rooms.

Stick to the topic, most people don't wannt here how your job interviewer was stairing at your ass because you are a girl, or how many back rubs you get at work by the receptionists ( actually I said that :P). How bad you felt because your looking at some chic co-worker at work. Keep it together, numnut!

What else is new, well, I got a Thinkpad 240, Orinoco Wifi PCMCIA, and am installing Debian as I write this bullshit. The debian is mostly so I can have something to compile Linux from scratch on, at Some 20gig hdd that I'm waiting for in the mail will have the final cut of this laptop LFS, they sent it to my old New Hampshire address, so the post office sent it back to them. Thats after I had already emailed the sales and shipping departments of the address change, then CALLED THEM on the PHONE to tell them vocally that I have a different ADDRESS! Oh, well.

I'll upload some pix of the lappy soon, or not, but I prolly will.
Thats it!

Monday, July 18, 2005

RE: Blogger Mobile Post

Whats happening hot stuff ?